Love Learning Project Reading Series

Creating a love of reading is the most direct way we can encourage our children to become lifelong learners. Books inspire new ideas, create healthy imaginations, develop new connections and can even encourage emotional development. Books entertain, enlighten and enrich our lives

IMG_4751.jpgTo celebrate books the Love Learning Project will host a series on literacy. I will share research on why literacy is important, how to build a small library of quality books in your own home, and tips on how to read to your child. I have a master’s in literacy education so I have a lot to share on the topic and will be linking my favorite books for children. For this series I will post on Saturday mornings as usual and will have a bonus post sometime during the week. You can sign up in the right sidebar to receive email notification when a new post is made or check back soon. Thank you for following along and feel free to share your favorite children’s books in the comment section.  Read more