Favorite Bedtime Books

Bedtime is the perfect time for reading. These are some of the books we go back to again and again while we are snuggled in bed. I like to choose books that are easy to read for bedtime. I think the simple language pattern in these books is soothing and calming.

We keep just a few books on our nightstand for bedtime as I find reading the same book again and again is comforting to little Lavin. Additionally, repeated reading of a text is one of the best ways to build vocabulary and literacy in children. Your child can memorize these simple stories. The first step in becoming a reader is memorizing story lines.Having stories that you come back to again and again is a great first step to a literate child.These simple books are great for little ones!

You are Here for a Reason  by Nancy Tillman

This book made me cry each time I read it when Lavin was first born, it is so sweet and so true. This is a perfect book to gift a new bundle of joy.

Starbright  by Maureen Garth


When I was a little girl I had terrible nightmares, my mom found these meditation books to help calm my mind before I went to bed. They are perfect for soothing a child to sleep, I read them to Lavin already and they calm me before settling in too!

Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinvansan

This book is sweet and simple, there is a fun little twist at the end that leaves me smiling.

Hush Little Baby  by Cynthia Rylant

This book was mentioned in board books but it is one we read most nights of the week. Now I have it memorized so I just sing it, it comforts Lavin when he is sad no matter where we are. I love that the message focuses on natural comforts instead of the traditional song that focuses on material comforts.

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