Family Field Trips

Every few weeks we get out of our normal routine for a Family Field Trip. Just like in school, the goal of the Field Trip is to have an experience to enrich our minds. We have a long list of museums and places we want to go. We have had so much fun exploring the Twin Cities on these adventures.  

Earlier this winter we visited the Como Zoo Conservatory. Blankets hugged Lavin as we sprinted into the building. My winter jacket was zipped tightly, hood up and all. It was a negative degree day but we when we were inside we were transported to a tropical oasis. The air was humid and warm. We talked to Lavin about the weather and he got to experience the smells of the tropics right here in Minnesota.  

At Christmas time I took our niece and Lavin to a high school ballet. A sparkling Christmas tree, exciting music, and movement captivated them for much of the performance. Lavin was only 4 months old and Josie was 18 months. It wasn’t expensive and provided entertainment for the adults as well.

More recently we went to a park just a few miles away to jog on a new trail. We got outside and we found a great little playground that will be perfect for Lavin to explore in a year or two. We ran into teenagers flying remote control airplanes and saw an unexpected aerial show. It is enriching to get out and connect to the broader community.

IMG_9709.jpgWe are naturally homebodies so getting ready on a Saturday to go out into the world
can feel like a struggle, but we are dedicated to providing Lavin experiences from a young age. Make a list with your family this weekend. Where would you like to go? We choose 12 adventures to go on this year, one for each month of the year. Some are old favorites, like the apple orchard. Others are new adventures we can’t wait to try.

Local ideas: J.J. Hill Museum, American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis Art Institute, high school plays and sporting events, and state parks.

Field Trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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  1. There are so many free activities to do in the twin cities and you named a few! My favorite to do in summer was taking my kids to parks. It’s easy to google parks and find a new one each week that is close to home. Many you didn’t even know were there! Thanks for sharing your healthy lifestyle Chelsea, Ray and Lavin.

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