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This week was bursting at the seams with activities and late night events. On Monday, I had a haircut until 7:30pm, Tuesday was a school carnival that ended my work day at 10:45pm, conferences late on Thursday and Friday. Every day of the week continued with long stretches of work and my husband was headed out of town for an annual fishing trip that weekend. It was only Wednesday and I was already exhausted.

Wednesdays are an important day in our household. Wednesday is the night my husband attends trainings, leaving Lavin and I home on our own after my work day. When we had Lavin, I knew I had a choice for our Wednesday evenings together…

1.) I could be disappointed to come home to take care of the after dinner dishes, bathe the baby, and tidy the house on my own. I could lament in the fact that it is difficult to have so much to do after a full day of work.

2.) I could make this day special. I could leave the dishes dirty for tomorrow. I could come home with a plan to use this evening for something other than the normal. I could leave work earlier than usual to have a little bit of time with my husband before some one-on-one time with Lavin.

Every Wednesday I make a choice. I choose to make this a night to remember and look forward to. I choose special over mundane. I leave work at a decent time, no matter what. I get home and leave my nice work outfit on and spend an hour or so with my husband and baby. Then I take Lavin out of the house for an adventure.

To make it easier to look forward to this day I made a list of things we could do together. On Sunday as I plan the week I decide what we will do for our Mommy-Son night. This makes it something that is just on the list and not an option. Ideas for our Wednesday adventures include the farmer’s market, bakery, go on a hike, have an at home picnic or bike ride. All are close to home, quick and for the most part free.

This week our adventure was to visit the library. The library is one of my favorite places. I love exploring titles and filling our book bag with so many books that it’s hard to carry. As we walk around I talk with Lavin about what we are picking out. We also stop at the children’s cove to gather new CDs. This adventure is short; it only takes an hour including drive time. But we are out of the house. We are making memories and are bonding over something special.

I know he is still a baby but I believe if we make this our pattern now when it is easier to get out of the house we will make this our normal routine. Our adventures are simple but fun. Many are actually chores we would do at some point in the week anyway. By choosing to make this a special day I am choosing to embrace the busy and make time for my son. It could easily be just another day. What opportunities are in your week to choose special? We always have a choice.

6 thoughts on “Choose Special

  1. We always have a choice… those 5 words can make or break a day can’t they?! May you choose to live in the moment and be present for those you love and care about. Make it a great day 👍 Beautiful post Chelsea 💕

    1. Thank you! They certainly can make or break a day. You always told us, “your thoughts create your reality.” You were so right. XO

  2. Your entry brought back many memories, Chelsea. I loved summers when all my kiddies were small. I’d almost always head for a nearby lake with them for an hour or two after work – which also washed off all the sand from playing in our big sandpile, and also from days spent roaming in the big field behind the house. You’re making some wonderful memories for Lavin,. And you!

    1. Grandma, what a great memory for you and them! I can only imagine how sandy 6 little children were. How great you were able to take them to the lake after a long day of work, you are an inspiration. XO

  3. Chelsea, I just discovered your blog and I love it. Thank you for some lovely essays on teaching and parenting. I’m planning to share them with my daughters and my early childhood staff. Keep making time to write–it is appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Susan, it has been fun to write and solidify my new thinking now that I get to be a mom!

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