Less for More

It was 7:15 in the evening, Lavin displayed signs of being tired nearly an hour for his bedtime. As I nursed him and went about the nightly routine of reading, singing lullabies, and goodnight kisses my mind circled in joy with things I could do once he was asleep. Read more

Choose Special

This week was bursting at the seams with activities and late night events. On Monday, I had a haircut until 7:30pm, Tuesday was a school carnival that ended my work day at 10:45pm, conferences late on Thursday and Friday. Every day of the week continued with long stretches of work and my husband was headed out of town for an annual fishing trip that weekend. It was only Wednesday and I was already exhausted. Read more

The Value of Hobbies

“This is the wheel. It spins the clay so mommy can pull the clay up to make a mug,” Lavin looks up at me from a blanket on the floor, my hands are caked in mud as I pull up the clay. Earlier he was strapped to me in a baby carrier as I chattered, “I cut the clay and make even squares. I weigh them to check if they are equal.” He is laughing and reaching out, thrilled to be a part of the action. “Now we are wedging the clay, this gets it ready to throw on the wheel.” Lavin squeals in delight. I form a ball as he grabs at it, delighted to be a part of my hobby. He squishes his tiny fingerprints into the fresh clay.
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