Be Kind

I don’t remember what we were talking about but I remember clearly saying to my husband, “just be the better person.” I noticed Lavin watching his parents go over their day together. I thought about what I really just said. I said that I thought we knew more than the other person. It indicated privilege, superiority, and dismissal of another perspective. This certainly is not the message I wanted our son to hear, it isn’t the message I even meant to convey. Read more

Thoughts on Nature

Recently Lavin and I went on a short trip to North Carolina. While there we settled in for an impromptu picnic at a brewery. As we sat down I laid out a blanket so Lavin didn’t get dirty, then carefully set him in the middle of the blanket. I placed a teether toy in front of him, kicked off my shoes and sipped a cider. Lavin started pulling at the blanket under him so I carefully placed it back, a perfect rectangle patch on a fresh spring green. Read more