This blog sprouted out of my love for learning and children. I am a mother and an elementary principal so I have spent a significant amount of time researching how to create the best environment for our children to learn and grow. I would like to raise my child, and all the children in my life, to become people who love learning, have a healthy respect for themselves and others, and do not feel discouraged by challenge. As an elementary school principal I have deep understanding about the role family and community play in developing our next generation. I will share my insights and ideas with caregivers of children so we have an opening for these important conversations.

The choices I make for the children in my life are grounded in my belief that a simple life develops a richer mind, our children need to be strongly attached to their caregivers, and experiences create the richest understandings. I choose toys, activities, and my words with children based on these values and ideals.

I hope you join this community and the discussions around parenting, teaching, and loving our little ones. We are all teachers and it is our responsibility to create people that love a challenge and commit to a life of loving and learning.

Engaged or Overstimulated? 

When my son was one month old I realized I had not introduced him to any toys. We had spent the first few weeks of his life with simple skin to skin, talking to him and with lots of snuggling. It wasn’t until another mom mentioned how much her child enjoyed their activity center that I felt my first pang of mother wrong doing. I had only placed our baby on a blanket and talked to him with his stuffed lion, that is the only toy I can recall playing with during the first month. When I was home that evening I introduced him to his activity center. His activity center was a bright blanket with arches around it and a shining star in the middle that flashed to the tune of the music it played.  Read more